LJR Air Jordan 1 High (111)

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  Released in 1985, the reps Jordan 1 High was the first basketball shoe named after Jordan and one of the first shoes to use Nike Air technology. Its appearance has injected new elements into the design of basketball sneakers and promoted the further development of the reps Sneakers market.

  The upper design of the reps Jordan 1 High is inspired by the pilot's boots. Its lines are smooth, simple and capable, full of fashion and sporty, and perfectly fit with Jordan's personality and style. mangomeee's reps jordan 1 shoe body is made of high-quality leather and man-made materials, and is equipped with unique lace eyelets and non-slip sole. In terms of details, the flying wing logo, shoelaces and soles on the shoes are all in bright colors, which are highly recognizable.
  In addition to the classic black and red color matching, reps Jordan 1 High has also launched a variety of colors and styles, including blue, green, purple, gold, etc., providing consumers with more choices. Among them, the most popular colors are black and red and black and white. They often appear in the fashion industry and street culture, and have become one of the representatives of popular culture. Mangomeee cooperates with the famous replica shoe factory in Putian, China, and has a high-quality LJR batch of the reps Jordan 1!

  In short, reps Jordan 1 high is a very classic basketball shoe. Its unique design and excellent performance make it one of the representatives of basketball shoes. At the same time, this shoe is also widely used in fashion wear and has become a symbol of fashion culture.

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