LJR Air Jordan 13 (6)

  When the Air Jordan 13 first came out, Jordan himself and several Bulls teammates were the few people who wore it. However, a few years later, many Jordan Brand stars wore the 2004 reprint of the jordan 13 reps. Among them, an jordan 13 reps called "Grey Toe" color scheme is particularly eye-catching, because it is a sample released that year. Another "Green Altitude" version of the AJ 13 has also attracted the attention of many people, because this shoe is rarely released, but it has been widely discussed.
  Jordan 13 reps design inspiration

  The Air Jordan 13, which was born in 1997, achieved Jordan's second three consecutive championships. At the same time, as the second genuine sneaker introduced into China, it has a streamlined cheetah shape and is deeply imprinted in the hearts of shoe fans. After continuing the brilliance of Air Jordan 12's classic color contrast, designer Tinker Hatfield was in the process of discussing the design ideas of new reps sneakers with the trapeze, and learned that when Jordan was a child, he was always teased by other children as "Black Cat". This nickname hurt the young Jordan deeply. After he learned of this origin, he decided to inject the inspiration of the black cat into the upcoming jordan 13 reps shoes. And now that young "Black Cat" has transformed into the invincible "Black Panther" on the court, becoming one of the greatest players in NBA history. 

  The design inspiration of the jordan 13 reps has been reflected in the early replica cards. As the most skeuomorphic reps sneaker in the Air Jordan generation, the Air Jordan 13 debuted with an unprecedented round outsole, imitating the strong and vigorous feet of the Panther. The stitching pattern on the shoe body is more reminiscent of a ferocious cheetah, and the unique holographic laser logo on the ankle is an unforgettable classic. As can be seen from the published early design manuscripts, the reps sneakers body is covered with spots and shows people with a strap structure, and the design is more radical.

  In addition, what are the little-known stories of reps jordan 13, the following points may be of interest to you.
Jordan Brand's first sneaker since independence
  With the start of the 97-98 season, head coach Phil Jackson announced that this would be his "Last Dance" with the Bulls. There are indications that the trapeze will also bid farewell to the stadium next season, while Jordan Brand completed its transformation in 1997 and emerged as a sub-brand of Nike. jordan 13 reps is a signature sneaker launched by Jordan Brand after its establishment, and the silver Jordan Brand shoe box was used for the first time.
Bringing together a variety of ideas
  Jordan 13 reps not only has a very murderous appearance, but also many innovative design elements are also talked about by shoe fans. The three-dimensional holographic leopard eyes on the upper show 23 and Jumpman complement each other from different angles. The asymmetric inner and outer upper design achieves a perfect balance between the flexibility and support of the ankle, and the humanized design is extremely useful in competitions. The front and rear split palm design evolved from the full-length Zoom Air of the 12th generation of Air Jordan, avoiding the problem of poor stability caused by excessive unloading of the large-capacity Zoom Air, while ensuring excellent cushioning performance and sensitive start-up.
Unique 3M reflective upper
  The Air Jordan 13 uses two versions of the upper design in another way. Although the 3M reflective design is not the first of the jordan 13 reps (the AJ5 reflective tongue is the first application of 3M reflective material), the strong visual effect brought by its nylon fabric under the light may be the most talked about by reps sneakers fans. The leather version shows a more delicate texture and has a unique charm. In addition, Jordan Brand also launched the jordan 13 reps "Reflective" version in October 2014. The shoe uses a 3M large-area reflective shoe body with a black tongue and heel to show people. The details are embellished with Infared 23 infrared rays, and the reflective effect is more outstanding.
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