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  First launched in 1988, the Air Jordan 3 is the third version in the Air Jordan series. This is a basketball shoe specially designed for basketball superstar Michael Jordan. Because Michael Jordan was not satisfied with the previous Air Jordan series of shoes, before the launch of the replica Jordan 3, Michael Jordan considered leaving Nike. However, Tinker Hatfield's design made Michael Jordan change his mind.

  Replica jordan 3 draws on many artistic and architectural elements when designing, and has the following design features:

  1. The iconic crocodile leather texture, a large amount of soft leather and the iconic "crocodile leather" texture are used on the shoes, which is the first time that this texture has been used in the Air Jordan series.

  2. Visible air cushion technology allows the replica Jordan 3 to provide better support while mitigating the impact.

  3. The unique shoelace design enables the shoelace to better fix the ankle and provide better support.

  4. The soft leather material makes the shoes more soft and comfortable, helping to provide better stability and support.

  5. The unique heel design, with the "Jumpman" logo on the heel, has become a classic element of basketball shoe design.

  Replica Jordan 3 classic styles

  1. Replica Jordan 3 "Black/Cement": Featuring a Black and Cement Gray color scheme. The ultra-popular black cement Air Jordan 3 has an unshakable position in the sneaker industry, and every re-enactment will trigger a turbulent wave in the shoe market. The elegant black shoe body with gray-black burst cracks is the focus of attention no matter on the field or on the street, and it has become the favorite shoe of all the stars.

  2. Replica Jordan 3 "White/Cement": This replica sneakers uses a white and cement gray color scheme, an easy-to-wear white retro shoe body, a tribute to the Nike Air heel of the first year, Jordan's record in the dunk contest The flying fairy-like free-throw line takes off and dunks, and the trendy kings personally interpret it. There are too many reasons and reasons to start with it. Such a classic color scheme ranks second in this selection.

  3. Replica Jordan 3 "Fire Red": Air Jordan 3 "Fire Red" is Jordan's most used shoe on the court. The shoe design has added more passionate red elements, and the "flame red" color has been used for the first time. The concept has had a profound impact on the subsequent Jordan shoes.

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