LJR Air Jordan 4 (72)

  Design of reps jordan 4

  The design of reps jordan 4 has some shadows of the Jordan 3 generation, the difference is that two new attempts have been added. For the first time, the upper adopts the combination of leather and nylon mesh, which reduces the weight of the shoe and improves the wearing comfort. The second point is to make up for the poor mesh support effect. This reps shoe adds a fixing device extending from the upper to the upper, which is connected to the shoelace. At that time, the midsole of reps jordan 4 still used the visible Air Sole air cushion, which was already the air cushion with the best shock resistance at that time.

  The classic story of reps jordan 4

  Game 5 of the first round of the 1989 playoffs, the last 3 seconds. The Cleveland Cavaliers lead the Chicago Bulls by one point 100-99. The winner and the loser are all in one fell swoop, and the Bulls are on the verge of life and death, with only 3 seconds left. At the kick-off, the Cavaliers did not go to block the ball from the sideline, but went all out to encircle reps Jordan 4. At that time, Jordan was surrounded by the Cavaliers at the front and back. Suddenly, Jordan exploded with lightning speed, changed direction, dodged the Cavaliers, ran to the sideline, received a pass, and outside the right three-point line, I saw No. 23 of the Bulls escape gravity Floats in the air, skirts the defense, and puts the ball in. Since then, this ball has become Jordan's lore "THE SHOT"-101 to 100.

  After the game, Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) won the MVP award for the first NBA season in his career. "Black and red" classic color is also the first time to enter the public eye, it can be said that this shoe has an extraordinary commemorative significance for Michael Jordan.

  Joint replcia Jordan 4

  Nike Air Jordan x KAWS 4 Retro

  In early 2017, Jordan Brand and KAWS joined hands for the first time to create the amazing KAWSx Air Jordan 4 shoes. Integrating suede, flocking and KAWS' iconic cartoon patterns, the luminous crystal outsole reveals cartoon patterns on the midsole, which is both playful and luxurious.

  Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 “Houston Oilers”

  Travis Scott's first cooperation with Jordan Brand is based on the popular reps jordan 4 in the series, inspired by the representative colors of the NFL Houston Oilers in the 1990s, incorporating Travis Scott's unique personal elements and With high-profile publicity, this pair of reps sneakers has become the most popular topic of the moment.

  Undefeated x Air Jordan 4 Retro

  The color scheme is inspired by the army green of the MA-1 flight jacket and the bright orange of the jacket lining. The tongue is designed with a Velcro felt similar to a military medal, and the trapeze logo is pasted on it.

  In 1996, the Bulls led by Jordan won 72 wins in the regular season, which is unmatched. Therefore, the joint reps jordan 4 will only produce 72 pairs to commemorate that unprecedented season. This pair of reps jordan 4 UNDFTD ranks first in the most expensive sneakers on the market every year, and its value is difficult to estimate.

  All in all, the reps jordan 4 is a very good basketball shoe that combines comfort, durability and style. If you like basketball or love fashion culture, then reps jordan 4 is definitely a basketball shoe worth considering.

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