LJR Air Jordan 6 (17)

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  Air Jordan 6 is Jordan's first pair of NBA championship shoes. There is a very dazzling and beautiful Jump man Logo in the center of the tongue. The plastic shoelace elastic buckle design has been improved to make it smaller and can be easily tightened. At the same time, it also plays a very good decorative role.

  Before the designer started designing the Jordan 6 reps, Michael had an exchange with him. "I hope that the upper will not have too much decoration, try to be as simple as possible. When I buy leather shoes, I also like those simple styles. They look more refreshing." The designer drew on Michael's suggestion, and the lines of the replica Jordan 6 It seems quite simple and clear.

  In order to ensure the smooth process of wearing shoes, the designer specially designed some small holes on the tongue, so that fingers can find a point of leverage. Michael was very pleased with it, and he suggested that we use a similar design on the heel. In this way, Jordan 6 reps has become a pair of sneakers with epoch-making significance. This is the first time that sports function, fashion elements and humanization have been combined. Tests on the field have proved that these reps sneaker can also protect the ankles very well.

  Replica Jordan 6 "Hare"

  In 1996, "Space Jam" starring Jordan was all the rage! Whether it is the novel theme of basketball cartoon movies or the simultaneous release of related themed reps sneaker, countless sneaker players and basketball fans are crazy about it! That’s how the Jordan 6 reps “Hare” Bugs Bunny colorway came about. The overall color scheme follows the classic Air Jordan 7 "Hare" dress. This is not only a color transplant, but also a tribute to Joe! The upper continues the iconic gray and white dress, and the shoe body made of lychee leather + grain leather + nubuck leather shows a high-standard setting!

  The tongue follows the same color graffiti of the replica Jordan 7, and is covered with a milky white translucent material, giving people a hidden surprise effect. Details such as satin lace buckles, purple embroidered trapeze embellished on the heel, and color-blocked insoles are also full of tribute. And there is also a carrot pattern on this pair of Bugs Bunny Jordan 6 reps shoe boxes, directly pointing the question, creating a Bugs Bunny atmosphere in an all-round way.

  To test whether a pair of replica Air Jordan has a classic design, it is the most direct reflection from the elements used in the subsequent fit shoes, and replica Jordan 6 is the most representative pair. The hollow design of the tongue and the pull ring on the heel provide convenience for people to wear, and the overlay on the instep has also become a generation of classics.

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