LJR (541)

mangomeee tell you What does LJR mean?

In the Chinese replica shoe market, usually, LJR refers to the sneakers made by an OEM factory run by a man named Liu Jiarui in Putian City. LJR's most famous sneakers are the AJ1 series, and there is no one in the replica sneaker market that can surpass LJR Air Jordan 1. All LJR batches of sneakers are produced in the Dongguan factory, because the manufacturing industry in Dongguan is more mature than Putian, and the indicators produced are closer to the original data than Putian.

LJR suppliers typically produce shoes by replicating and manufacturing details from the original Jordans. They use similar materials and technology in order to look and feel similar to the original shoe. This production model of imitation shoes is very popular in the market, because they are usually much cheaper than the original shoes, but the quality and appearance are still satisfactory.
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In mangomeee, LJR Jordan 1, LJR Jordan 4 and LJR Jordan 11 are the best-selling replica sneakers.

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