Mangomeee tell you Jordan personally wears AJ's 30th anniversary return!

Sep 20, 2022
Mangomeee tell you Jordan personally wears AJ's 30th anniversary return!
In the past two years, it can be clearly felt that Jordan Brand has accelerated the pace of re-enactment of the Air Jordan that Jordan himself personally wore.
This year's main model Air Jordan 2 will also usher in the return of the "Chicago" color matching.
But in addition, 2022 is also the 30th anniversary of the birth of Air Jordan 7. The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 7 reported by the editor yesterday seems to be a gift for the 30th anniversary of Air Jordan 7.
Mangomeee tell you Although it is not yet clear whether it will be available on the market as scheduled, the same Air Jordan 7 worn by Jordan today is about to usher in the third re-engraving in history!
As Jordan's second pair of championship boots, the Air Jordan 7 has long been popular and has many classic colors, including this pair of Air Jordan 7 "Cardinal".
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Mangomeee tell you First released in 1992, it helped Jordan win his second NBA championship.
This was followed by two re-enactments in 2006 and 2011.
This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan 7, and Jordan Brand is bringing back this classic colorway.
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The overall body is made of a large area of leather material, and the details are embellished with red and golden yellow.

It can be seen that in the past re-engraved versions of Air Jordan 7 "Cardinal", no obvious changes have been seen, and almost all designs are finally in the first year.

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