Mangomeee tell you KITH x Clover joint new shoes are here!

Sep 19, 2022
Mangomeee tell you KITH x Clover joint new shoes are here!
KITH, the co-branded giant, has been working closely with adidas.
Recently, another wave of new co-branded retro shoes of Clover has been exposed, and there are three shoe types in one breath.
Mangomeee tell you In addition to the recently popular Forum Low, there are also two relatively unpopular shoe styles, Powerphase and Handball.
Both are made of white high-quality leather with light khaki suede to create the upper, with dark green embellishments, creating a retro simple and advanced temperament.
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The midsole is also aged in khaki to further enhance the retro feel.

The classic shoe shape is matched with a simple and versatile design. Players who like everyday white shoes may wish to pay attention to this KITH joint name.

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