OG Nike Air Force 1 (52)

  Since its debut in 1982, Air Force 1 Reps has gone through 35 years. From occupying the stadium to conquering the streets, the "Force spirit" has been endowed with unique meaning in different periods. It has gone beyond the simple meaning of a sports shoe, it is a language, a school of aesthetics, a philosophy. Today, we will present to you an ultimate guide to A-Z of AF1, reviewing the past and present of this sneaker classic.
  Maybe you won't believe it, but the Air Force 1 was inspired by a Nike hiking boot called the Approach. Positioned as a professional basketball shoe when it first debuted, the reps air force 1 only existed in a high-top design (the low-top version was released later, and the mid-top version appeared nearly 10 years after the reps air force 1 came out), and its tailoring was oriented toward the Aki The Reese tendon is gradually inclined from front to back, which adds a lot of flexibility while ensuring sufficient support and locking effect. Bruce Kilgore, the father of air force 1 reps, presumably there is no need to repeat his introduction? His pen also gave birth to Air Ship (Michael Jordan in the Bulls period had been wearing Air Ship before Air Jordan 1 was ready), Air Jordan 2 (the source of design inspiration for Air Jordan 35) and Sock Racer. Also worth mentioning is that Bruce also participated in the design of the 1983 Dodge Aries (K-Car) car. In this way, it is not surprising that Tiffany Beers joined Telsa. The "tradition" of Swoosh reps sneaker designers designing cars has existed more than 30 years ago.
  At the Air Force 1 25th Anniversary Party, Kanye West, Nas, Rakim and KRS-One joined forces for an AF1 anthem, "Classic" (Better Than I've Ever Been), featuring Rick Rubin and DJ Produced by Premier, it was released as a single under Nike Records, with all proceeds donated to youth development projects. For example, lyrics such as "I came in the door, became one of y’all’s leader / In a fresh pair of Air Force 1 sneakers." became classics.

  In addition to Air Max and Air Jordan, Eminem may love air force 1 reps the most. In 2004, three Eminem relatives and friends limited AF1 were released one after another: the first one was black and white, with the Shady Records logo and mirror E letter embroidered on the heel and toe respectively; The design is basically the same; the last pair is White on White color matching, and the insoles are printed with logos representing 50 Cent, D12, Green Lantern and other musicians under Shady Records.

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