OG Nike Air Max 1 (50)

  Thanks to designer Tinker Hatfield's stunning early designs, Air Max has established its status as a god in the sneaker circle today. The Air Max 1 Reps is the "opening mountain" shoe in this series. Without its successful launch, there would be no legendary series of Air Max.
  Air Max 1 is the first pair of running shoes that are actually equipped with windowed Air Max technology in mass production. Nike presents the visible Air Max air cushion to everyone for the first time.
  The first Air Max Zero equipped with visual Air Max 1 reps sneakers technology is generally not favored by the public, so it can only temporarily exist on the design drawing. However, due to Tinker Hatfield's persistence and vision, under his continuous promotion, Air Max 1 Reps Only then was he able to be born. Thinking about it now, fighting against all opinions when everyone is not optimistic, such a foresight and foresight of the future is nothing more than that.
  Before the first-generation Air Max technology used by Air Max 1 Reps, all shoes equipped with Air technology had the Air cushion embedded in the shoe, and before the launch of Air Max 1 Reps, the Air cushion became thinner and thinner. It is getting smaller and smaller, but this cannot give full play to the biggest advantage of this technology, so Air Max technology needs to inject more air into the air cushion to provide the wearer with stronger cushioning performance.
  The Nike Air Max 1 Reps Light is similar to the Air Max 1 in terms of silhouette, but the shoe body has become quite light. By adjusting the original shoe shape and incorporating EVA foam material, these new designs also bring a new upper foot feeling to the shoe.
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