OG Nike Air Max 90 (3)

  Air max 90 reps sneakers have a history of 30 years without knowing it. Nike celebrates its 30th anniversary and will re-launch the Infrared color scheme of the original Nike Air Max 90 this year. In the past 30 years, air max 90 reps has launched countless color schemes and joint rides, but the original Infrared color scheme is still the most popular among fans. Launched this time, Nike will make minor changes to this Nike Air Max 90 and launch it again.
  Nike Air Max 90 Veteran "Athleisure" Shoes If you say that the Nike air max 90 reps is one of the most recognizable pairs of shoes today, it is absolutely well-deserved. The air max 90 reps was created by Tinker Hatfield, a famous Nike sneaker designer. At the same time, he also participated in the design work from Air Jordan 3 to Air Jordan 15. His shoemaking ability can be described as ingenious. Nike Air Max has been loved by celebrities for more than 90 years, such as NBA star Lebron James and singer Drake. Tinker Hatfield cleverly highlights the outline of the shoe, and in 1990, there were not many "Athleisure" reps sneakers of Nike running shoes and leisure shoes amphibious, so the launch at that time was quite a sensation in the sneaker industry. Its comfort is also another selling point. NBA star Thabo Sefolosha is not afraid of the risk of injury, and he has designated air max 90 reps for competitions. Word of mouth built over the years has established a certain status for this shoe.

  This time air max 90 reps will have a few changes, but it will definitely not affect the appearance of the original version. First of all, Radiant Red will be used instead of Infrared for the color. Although the name is different and the color is darker, it will definitely not affect the look and feel. In addition, a new template was used this time, the height of the toe cap was increased, and the heel panel was adjusted to make it more uniform. For daily wear, you can try wearing jogger pants with tall white socks, and then put the trousers into the socks to easily create a sporty style; the change in this way of wearing lies in the material of the pants, cotton jogger pants will look lazy, while the Dri-Fit material is more delicate.

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