OG Nike Air Max 97 (29)

  In addition to launching the new Max, NIKE also brought air max 97 reps back to people's vision on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its birth. Coinciding with the arrival of the retro style, this pair of old shoes has become the darling of hipsters, and various Icons have also released their own bullets. Air max 97 reps has also suddenly become the standard equipment of hipsters.
  Air max 97 reps was born in 1997. Designer Charistian Tresser integrated Tokyo's fast-moving Shinkansen train into the design of sneakers, giving it a beautiful curve of the reps sneakers body. The multi-level design of the shoe body comes from the wavy lines of the puddles when it rains, which also gives the air max 97 reps a sense of agility. Charistian Tresser was inspired by the metal finish on mountain bikes, and covered the reps air max 97 with metallic silver, so this "silver bullet" came to people's eyes with a bang.
  Compared with the previous generations of block-type air cushion units, air max 97 reps made a new attempt. At that time, NIKE also launched Zoom Air air cushion and full palm Air-Sole. It can be said that the air cushion has become more mature. On the basis of this, the heel and the forefoot unit are connected to each other, so that the three-dimensional model of the full palm length is closed, and a new air cushion shape is created on the air max 97 reps. This bold innovative concept has laid a solid foundation for subsequent shoes. .
  Not only has a new air cushion mentality been used, but the gas in the air max 97 reps air cushion has also been upgraded. NIKE has been trying to create a more environmentally friendly product that leaks less harmful gas, so on the reps air max 97, the sulfur hexafluoride gas in the air cushion unit was replaced by more environmentally friendly nitrogen, which is different from different products in a high-pressure way. Nitrogen gas of different pressures is poured into the parts, these gases will not be lost due to external impact pressure, and have the functions of shock absorption, stability and protection.
  The Air Max 97 with excellent performance has also become the first choice of athletes. In the 200-meter event of the Atlanta Olympic Games, Michael Johnson put on a pair of customized air max 97 reps and achieved good results in the Olympic Games. Another Nike Olympic star, Carl Lewis, also appeared in the ad and was worn by many when he retired in 1997. You must know how cool it was to wear a pair of silver running shoes in the late 1990s. With its avant-garde appearance and excellent performance, Air Max 97 satisfied people's yearning for future sneakers. The popularity at that time was no less than it is now, especially in Italy and Japan. People's love for air max 97 reps can be said to be close to crazy.

  In the past two years, under the triple impact of the Nike Air Max Day event, the resurgence of retro reps sneakers, the popularity of functional wind, and the rise of "near-future culture", air max 97 reps has once again stood on the big stage of the trend. For a time, those street and retro style lovers who often used Gosha Rubchinskiy, C.E, PALACE, Supreme, etc. as their daily equipment also regarded air max 97 reps as a must-have item for matching.

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