OG Nike Dunk Low (189)

  As the leader of the first round of reps sneakers after the millennium, the popularity of reps dunks is as high as that of reps Jordan 1 today. Even as the "brother shoes" of air jordan 1, Dunk Reps is absolutely worthy of the title of "the originator of sneakers". However, do you know why this pair of Dunk SB is so popular?
The brand story of reps dunks
  The history of the Nike SB Dunk sounds like a myth in the sneaker world. It started as a venture where the designer wanted to take an '80s basketball shoe with a 2000s flair, but it turned out to be a shoe that ignited the entire skate world and changed sneaker culture forever. Since 2002, the shoe has defied definition while attracting a loyal following of sneakerheads around the world. Reps dunks skateboarders only want to wear Dunk skateboards, and loyal fans are still collecting new models non-stop.
  Undoubtedly, the heritage of the dunk reps has a unique magic that connects it to athletes, collectors and culture. Likewise, collaborations and special partnerships established by the brand over the past 15 years have helped to revive this tradition. The sneaker's enduring appeal comes from collaborations with avant-garde bands, graffiti creators, trendy skateboarders and more. All of these factors have made the reps dunks not only a skate icon, but a streetwear staple as well.
Reps Dunks classic color
  Among all the colors of reps dunks, in addition to the well-known Dunk SB pigeons, the following 3 colors are also classic.
Supreme x Dunk SB Low
  The beauty tide boss Supreme has always had a vicious vision, and he launched a joint ride with Dunk SB when it first came out. There is no exaggerated Box LOGO embellishment, but it is boldly decorated with burst cracks. This joint name is unique among all the colors of dunk reps.
Staple x SB Dunk Low “Panda Pigeon”
  This version is different from the previous popular "NYC Pigeon". The black-and-white panda costume shows a strong Chinese style, and the bamboo-patterned insole is even more eye-catching. I believe this Dunk SB pigeon will become an unshakable new classic in all reps dunks series!
CONCEPTS x Nike Dunk SB Low Joint Colorway

  The Nike lobster shoe series created by the trendy shoe store CONCEPTS is based on this pair of reps dunks Low. Among them, purple lobster, red lobster, green lobster, etc. are among the top of all color matching of dunk reps.

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