PK GOD Yeezy Foam Runner (13)

  Since its debut in 2019, rep foam runners has been hard to find at the beginning, and has launched several different color schemes in recent times. While it is a little less mysterious, it has a good effect on its upper feet and actual wearing experience. How, many consumers should have had a personal experience after buying it. Compared with other previous works in the series, rep foam runners gained a high topicality when it was first exposed to the public eye, mainly because of its weird shape like Crocs hole shoes. There is no doubt that whether it is for the Yeezy series itself or the entire field of reps sneakers, it has a design aesthetic that is completely different from the past.
  "Strange" is not just the whole of rep foam runners. To a certain extent, this pair of shoes has once again broken people's understanding of shoe design, and at the same time, it also has many pioneering ideas that are different from the past. In the two years since its launch, people have gone through a process from being puzzled to accepting foam runner reps, and we have seen many other brands launching similar designs, which proves that Kanye West's avant-garde creativity once again Affected the aesthetic system of the entire industry. It was the first exposure of North's feet, and then it was officially unveiled at the Fast Company Innovation Festival summit. Kanye brought this new work that has attracted much attention to the stage, and answered many questions for everyone at that time. In addition, it also tells a lot about the future of the yeezy series.
  Steven Smith, the design director of the yeezy series, if you are a senior Sneakerhead, you should not be too unfamiliar with this name. He has been working in this industry since the 1980s, and has participated in the design work of many well-known sports brands such as Nike, Reebok, New Balance, adidas, Reebok Instapump Fury, New Balance 997/1500, Yeezy Boost 700, and recently launched The new model Yeezy 450 is his representative work, and the foam runner reps we mainly talk about today is also conceived by Steven. rep foam runners is an integrated foam rubber made through algae extraction technology, an environmentally friendly "resource utilization method" that helps keep lakes clean. In addition, its shoe box is also made of less material, reducing the resource consumption of cardboard.
  If you look at most sneakers, the tongue often tends to go one way, which is why the rep foam runners is one of the most important sneaker designs in my opinion, because it is ergonomic. foam runner reps breaks people's impression of Yeezy's original appearance, combining more groundbreaking concepts: environmentally friendly foam materials, one-piece shoe body structure, and aesthetics that look completely different. While many compare it to Crocs, they are two distinct design languages.
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